A Brief Introduction

The planet is in brackets. Hate to be the bearer of bad news but there it is. Luckily all is not lost. After all, you're reading this - which means we have one more ally in the fight to make international politics work for people. [Earth] started as a logo developed by a group of College of the Atlantic students preparing to attend the UN Climate Negotiations in Nairobi in 2006. From there it has grown into an internationally recognized symbol representing the political mess we're in.

We also couldn't have made it to where we are now without our friends at SustainUS, a fantastic youth organization dedicated to sustainability and making the United Nations more accessible.

Why We're Here

We believe international cooperation is not only possible, but necessary if we are to address our most pressing problems. Any lasting solution needs to include as many people as possible. We wont be able to solve all the problems overnight, but we need to start somewhere. So let's get started!

Why Do the Brackets Matter?

Brackets are used during international negotiations to denote text that's controversial. If countries can't agree, the bracketed text is removed. It's pretty clear: Earth is now in brackets.

Earth Rotating.gif