Introducing our COP 25 delegation! We are spread all over the world for the next week and a half, with six members in Madrid, Spain, one member in Santiago, Chile, and one back in Bar Harbor, Maine, where Earth in Brackets is based. We will be following a variety of topics, working on a variety of projects, and as always - fighting for climate justice wherever we can! 

^ Photo from the UN website

Location Controversy 

Here's a link from the New York Times explaining the controversy behind why COP 25 was moved from Chile to Spain.

Why COP 25 is Important

Here's a link from the Carbon Brief explaining the key points from the UN climate talks in Madrid.

Members of Our Delegation Madrid, Spain

1) Emma Strevey 

2) Ania Wright

3) Isidora Munoz Segovia

4) Tina Drupa

5) Zoe Ernst 

6) Katrine Oesterby




Members of Our Delegation Santiago, Chile
Bar Harbor, Maine

1) Felipe  Andres Fontecilla Gutierrez

2) Agim Mazreku

^ (Left:) Tina, Emma, Katrine (Right:) Zoe, Isidora, Ania

Learn More About Our Delegation Members 

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