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Information relating to COA?

Other Clubs

Do you want to learn more about the other sustainability focused clubs/groups at COA? 

[Earth] Alumni 

Do you want to learn about the past members of [Earth]?

COA's Environmental Commitment

Do you want to learn what makes COA an environmentally focused school?

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COA's Mission and History

Do you wan to learn about how "COA was the first college in the U.S. to focus on the relationship between humans and the environment?"

Information about the United Nations? Information about [Earth]'s involvement in the Conference of the Parties?

UN Infographics

These infographics explain topics such as the structure of the UN and the Committee on World Food Security. 

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IPPC Reports

Do you want to learn about about the key findings behind past IPPC reports?

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Hot Topics 

Do you want to learn [Earth] stance on big issues discussed in spaces such as COP and UNFCCC?



Do you wan to hear about [Earth] members experiences at COP or watch an educational video about topics such as cap and trade?