Some of these ministerial statements are pretty impressive! I’m feeling a bit better. The worst of the Umbrella Group (Australia, Canada, Japan, US) had me worried and depressed for a bit, but so many other countries get it and are holding the developed countries accountable.

To see it all go down, check out:

They have live streams as well as archived footage. Pretty cool!

But that doesn’t mean everything is fine. Negotiators have always been good at talking the talk. It’s the walking part that seems to perplex countries.

The way I see it, we’re sitting in an oven that is slowly warming. We’re talking a lot about how we’re in an oven, but nobody has figured out how we can get out of the oven.

And yes. We are all in the oven, not just the small islands and least developed countries. However, they will be the first to feel the full deadly consequences of the warming oven.

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