A Thought:

By Robin Owings

How much water (among other resources) did it take to print the millions of flyers strewn through the WWF halls?

I wish we had photo-documented this area of flyer stands throughout the week. They started out empty, then began to overfow mid-week (when this photo was taken). Try imagining the way the hallway looked at the end of the forum.

The photo shows only 3 of roughly 30 stands in the hallway. Bear in mind that this is only one hallway. Each booth at the forum will have leftover paper pamphlets, booklets, print-outs, and informational sheets… Thousands of forum schedules, schedule changes and maps will be useless after the weekend.

Maybe they should have asked the folks from Water Footprint to do a materials analysis of  the conference itself… www.waterfootprint.org/

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