And the waiting begins!

by Noah Hodgetts

The Journey to Copenhagen for COP15 has officially begun for three more of us – Taj, Lindsay, and myself. As I sit here in Terminal E at Logan counting away the minutes until our flight to Zurich boards, I am excited beyond words. Everything the 14 of us having been preparing for over the past three months in Doreen’s Road to Copenhagen class is finally coming to fruition. No matter what happens at the conclusion of the two weeks of talks, I will know that we couldn’t have gone in more prepared, something I don’t say lightly.

It is also exciting that our hard work and presence at the negotiations has recently been noted by several news outlets. This past Monday November 30th the Boston Globe published an article on the front page of the paper titled “New England sending a crowd to climate talks.” I am proud to say that Neil, Lauren, and myself were all quoted and Neil even has his photo in the print edition. The article can be accessed at

Brooke was also featured in an interview on Maine Public Radio with Morning Edition host Irwin Gratz:

The flight is now boarding. On to Copenhagen!

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