Day 1 of the Climate Negotiations in Copenhagen

by Brooke Welty and Oliver Bruce Emerging into the Bella Center main lobby, it’s hard not to be impressed with the organizational prowess of the Danish government. The entire lobby is decked out in trees, cafes, and information booths with big projected videos of clean energy technologies. It’s great to see that the place in which the next generation climate agreement will be negotiated is already a world leader in the transition toward a clean energy economy.

We’re excited to be here and to see what the next two weeks will bring. A month ago, we were worried that this conference would be a dud – that all that would result would be a set of weak decisions. Being here though, and hearing the news in the last few days that only continues to get more positive, we’re cautiously optimistic that this moment will be remembered in history by future generations as the time that we made serious commitments to creating a more resilient and peaceful planet.

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