Dialogo Mexicano – Es Mex March Downtown: Pictures and Video Report

-Mariana, Ayla, and Tara

“De Norte a Sur, Este a Oeste, ganaremos esta lucha, cueste lo que cueste!”“From the North to the South, East to West, we will win this fight, no matter the cost!”

Today we participated in one of the two marches that took place in Cancun this morning at 9am. The two marches were focused on climate justice and comprised of mainly unaccredited civil society members from both Mexican and worldwide organizations. We took part in the Dialogo Mexicano – Espacio Mexicano downtown, walking alongside many activists groups and individuals in a protest demanding climate justice. About 3,000 people, including farmers from all over Mexico, gathered in a peaceful protest advocating civil society mobilization.

Chants and banners called for the People’s involvement in the fight against climate change, criticized the “farce” of COP16 and related programs such as REDD, and demanded the recognition of climate debt as an immediate issue.

Video report from the march:


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