End Gaza War Now!

Since this letter demanding the ceasing of Israeli attacks in Gaza was issued, the number of Palestinian deaths has doubled and thousands more are injured.

At social preCCOP: Earth in Brackets, along many other civil society organizations, condemns the continued Israeili attacks on the besieged people of Gaza 


Smoke rises after an Israeli missile strike in Gaza City. Aljazeera, July 18th.

July 18th, 2014

For 10 days, the Israeli army has continued to intensify its bombings of the Palestinian territory of the Gaza strip, causing the death of hundreds of Palestinian civilians, including children.

The Israeli army has now launched a land invasion which will undoubtedly lead to an even greater loss of Palestinian lives.

We, social movements, climate justice organisations, popular organisations, NGOs, youth, women and Indigenous groups representing millions of citizens of every colour, creed, nationality and religious belief and those with none – from Latin America, Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and the Middle East meeting in Venezuela at the Social preCOP gathering of global civil society on the climate crisis – are united in condemning these horrific attacks against the besieged men, women and children of Gaza.

We call on the international community to press for the cessation of this wave of deadly violence and the immediate lifting of the Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip. We call on our fellow citizens and people’s organisations to add their voices to the countless millions already protesting in the streets of every capital in revulsion at this attack by the Israeli state.

Today, the Israeli state began a land invasion against Gaza, afflicting the people of Gaza, subject to an illegal and inhumane blockade since 2007, with new bombings, deaths and destruction including that of a five-month-old child killed in Rafah within hours of the beginning of the invasion.

We deplore all civilian casualties and we consider that, as the occupying force under international law, the State of Israel bears responsibility.

No one has forgotten the massacres perpetrated by the same Israeli army during the operation “Cast Lead” in 2008-2009, resulting in the death of nearly 1,500 Palestinians and that the same excuses were put forward by the Israeli government to justify this murderous attack.

The Israeli government of Benjamin Netanyahu has systematically worked towards wrecking the legitimate desire of the Palestinian people for an independent Palestinian State and an end to decades of Israeli Occupation.

Any chance of peace goes hand in hand with the international community bringing Israel’s impunity to an end and a global campaign of boycotts, disinvestment and sanctions until Israel abides by the relevant UN resolutions.

As the inspirational anti-apartheid leader Archbishop Tutu said.

“In South Africa, we could not have achieved our democracy without the help of people around the world, who through the use of non-violent means, such as boycotts and divestment, encouraged their governments and other corporate actors to reverse decades-long support for the apartheid regime.

The same issues of inequality and injustice today motivate the divestment movement trying to end Israel’s decades long occupation of Palestinian territory and the unfair and prejudicial treatment of the Palestinian people by the Israeli government ruling over them.”

We, here at this gathering of global civil society, are working together to stop the climate crisis – and hold a belief in an equitable, sustainable and just world. As part of our belief that ‘another world is possible’ we know that we will not be free until Palestine is free.

End the attack on Gaza Now!


Friends of the Earth International/Amigos de la Tierra Internacional

Articulacion continental de movimientos sociales hacia el ALBA – ALBA Movimientos

REDES – Amigos de la Tierra Uruguay

International Climate Justice Alliance

Grupo Excursionista Ecologico Ambientalista Yaracuy

Earth in Brackets

Jubilee South Asia Pacific Movement on Debt and Development

Jubilee Sur America

Amigos de la Tierra America Latina y Caribe

World March of Women

Nora Morales de Cortinas – Madre de Plaza de Mayo Linea Fundadora

Centro Martin Luther King de Cuba

Movimiento de Los Trabajadores Rurales Sin Tierra

Third World Network

Institute of Policy Studies, Climate Policy Programme – USA

IBON International

LDC Watch

Dialogo 2000 – Jubileo Sur Argentina

Colectivo Viento Sur de Chile

Movimiento de los Pequenos Agricultores MPA – Brazil

Justica Ambiental – Mozambique

Earthlanka – Sri Lanka

Global Justice Ecology Project

Grassroots Global Justice Alliance – United States

Institute for Social and Economic Studies – Brazil

The Red latinoamericana contra represas –REDLAR

LDC Watch-Africa

Jubilee South-Africa

Forum for African Alternatives – Senegal

Movimiento Madre Tierra – Amigos de la Tierra Honduras

COECOCEIBA – Amigos de la Tierra Costa Rica

Amigos de la Tierra Brasil

CENSAT Agua Viva – Amigos de la Tierra Colombia

Otros Mundos – Amigos de la Tierra México

Sobrevivencia – Amigos de la Tierra Paraguay

CONEAVE Mérida, Venezuela

Philippines Movement for Climate Justice – Phillipines

Movimiento colombiano ríos vivos – Colombia

Indigenous Environmental Network

Young Friends of the Earth Macedonia

International Climate Justice Youth Alliance

Movimiento Ciudadano frente al Cambio Climático – MOCICC – Perú

CENSAT Agua Viva – Amigos de la Tierra Colombia

Iniciativa construyendo puentes

Redes latinoamericanas frente al cambio climatico

AEPAFA/EON – Venezuela

Redmangler – Venezuela

Domingu Acva – Venezuela

Jpsuv-Aragua – Venezuela

Frente Nacional EcoSociaolista par la vida – Venezuela

Movimento Ambiental de Uegiel – Venezuela

Frente Nacional EcoSocialista – Venezuela

Colectivo Socioambiental Marahuaka – Venezuela

Fundacion Reyes de Corazan – Venezuela

Jpsuv – Margarita, Venezuela

Colectivo herencia Verde – Venezuela

Movimiento Campesina Jirajara y Campana libre de Transgenicos – Venezuela

Colectivo Mano A Mano Intergumbio Agroecologico – Venezuela

ARRPAS – Venezuela

Grupo Ecologico – Venezuela

Grupo Janguar – Venezuela

Frentenascional Ecosocialista Pos Lavida – Venezuela

Colectivo EcoRed – Venezuela

ConseJo Comunal Toromaima – Venezuela

Otro Beta – Venezuela

Frente Francisco De Miranda – Venezuela

Colectivo Autana Tepuy – Venezuela

Ilse Villarroel UBU – Venezuela

Isabel Villerte Colectivo – Venezuela

Educacion Ambienialy Participacion Popular –  Venezuela

Fivei de Venezuela – Venezuela

Justicia Climatica – Republic Dominicana

Fundacion Verde and Humano – Venezuela

Organizacion Semillero de la Patria Simon Bolivar – Venezuela

Colectivo Autana Tepuy – Venezuela

Colectivo Alianza Sexo-Genero Diversa Revolucionaria – Venezuela

Grupo Excursionista Ecologico Ambientalista Yaracuy – Venezuela

Take Back the Land Leadership Committee – USA

Confederacion Interamerican de Relacions Publices

Sociedad Cientifico Henri Pittier –

Fundombiente – Venezuela

Fundelee – Venezuela

Grupo Mebilina – Venezuela

Ironboard Community Group – USA

Bolivian Platform for Climate Justice – Bolivia

Frente Ecosocialisto – Venezuela

JPSUV – Venezuela

BECMA (Brigado Ecologica Comunituria El Macaro) – Venezuela

Colectivo Marahualdo – Venezuela

Friends of the Earth Macedonia – Macedonia

Bamsobosfaro – Venezuela

Mision Aibal – Venezuela

ANROS – Venezuela

CEFUBO – Venezuela

MPPA – Venezuela

Vanas Ecologicas – Venezuela

FERAC – Venezuela

Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development (APWLD)

Campaign for Climate Justice Network – Nepal

Coalición de los Pueblos por la Soberania Alimentaria

Ecohermanas Collective

Movimiento TierrActiva – Bolivia Reaccion Climatica – Bolivia La casa de los Ningunos  – Bolivia Gracias por la iniciativa – Bolivia Son un sol – Bolivia

Cumbre de los Pueblos frente al Cambio Climàtico – Peru

FEMNET (African Women’s Development & Communication Network)

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