La Via Campesina March for Life and Climate Justice

By Tara Allen

“One thousand plus marchers approaching five hundred plus Federal police, two helicopters, 10% of the marchers wearing masks, most in the front ranks. Full riot gear, body armor, shields – road narrowed with double barricades – both sides, all 4 lanes blocked.” -Kevin Hansen, a march participant.

La Via Campesina, the international peasants movement, organized a 20km march in the streets of Cancun on Tuesday, December 7th. The march went from the La Via Campesina camp in downtown Cancun all the way to the Moon Palace.  Thousands of people including men, women, rural farmers and indigenous people gathered together  to support indigenous rights and raise their solutions to climate change. Due to the mass of people blocking the roads, no buses could travel to the conference centers for hours. The event took most of the day and raised much excitement. Video footage from the march.


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