North American youth delegation arrives in Nairobi

Twenty-eight youth from North America have traveled to Nairobi, Kenya for the 12th session of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP12). The youth delegation has brought together leaders from across North America, and seeks to share the perspectives gained last year in Montreal with African youth present at COP12. Over the next two weeks these twenty-eight climate warriors will be trying to positively influence the outcome of this meeting, which will focus on adaptation to climate change, a review of the Kyoto Protocol, and the role of financial and flexible mechanism for advancing sustainable development in the developing world. (photo: North Amerinca Youth delegation HQ in Nairobi!)

Canada and the United States are expected to follow the path of inaction and reckless disregard for climate change at this meeting, but the youth delegation will stress to the delegates from the rest of the world that the views of the American and Canadian people are VERY different from the federal government. The North American delegation will highlight the action to stop climate happening at the local, regional, provincial, and state level. In light of federal inaction, we come to Nairobi ready to show the world that we will not let inaction sabotage a clean, safe, and stable climate for our generation and generations to come.

Stay tuned!

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