Outlining the Panels

– Robin Owings

As I sit in long meetings on water privatization, scarcity, and ethics, I have taken to documenting panelists (government officials, NGO heads, citizen leaders) with blind contour drawings. I look directly at the subjects and record them using a continuous line. Each line forms a caricature, reflecting the elements of those figures such as slouching shoulders, facial expressions, and hand gestures which I perceive (often on a subconscious level) to be important. I am sharing these sketches with Earth in Brackets to describe the dynamics and experience of these panels through a different format, because they often illustrate more about the individuals than I could say through writing.

 Panel 1. Integrated Water Resource Management For All: Make Water Resource Planning a Reality by adopting IWRM (Master) Plan

Panel 2. Water Debate: Private/Public Involvement in the Provision of Water and Sanitation Services

Panel 4. High Level Panel on Water and Food Security

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