Reclaim Power 2018 Demands

This morning civil society from across the globe welcomed party negotiators to the COP23 venue with Reclaim Power’s demands that urge governments to start taking action to limit warming to 1.5˚C without destroying the livelihoods of those we are trying to protect.

Reclaim Power's eight demands outside the entrance to COP 23

Reclaim Power’s eight demands outside the entrance to COP 23. (Photo Credit, Claire Miranda)

Reclaim Power has eight demands for governments to achieve within the year. It is time for greed to stop dictating the way governments talk about lives and  start taking action towards a just energy transition.  Reclaim Power has wonderfully illustrated the steps that must be taken to make this transformation become a reality through their demands.

(Photo Credits, Claire Miranda)

(Photo Credits, Claire Miranda)

Check ’em out and spread them wide and far. We need urgent climate action, Now.

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