Talking Climate Justice with Ania Wright

Welcome to the next installment of “Talking Climate Justice”! In this interview, we have COA’s own Ania Wright, a recent graduate and climate justice activist in Maine. She’s been a part of Earth in Brackets ever since she came to COA, currently serves as the Student Representative on the Maine Climate Council, and is currently working with a group called Maine Youth For Climate Justice.

In this interview, Ania discusses her work with the Maine Climate Council, the role of youth voices in the climate movement, and which voices are represented and unrepresented in the climate movement in Maine. She gives us her definition of climate justice, her perspective on the green new deal(s), and explains the intersection of local and international movements (like COPs). She gives us some suggestions as to how Mainers can be involved in climate justice work, outlines the work she's been involved with at COA, discusses the relationship between hope and despair in her work, and explains the need to address the climate crisis correctly, which includes ensuring everyone has an equitable and just future.

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