Talking Climate Justice: Zero Waste with Isi, Gabriella, and Carey.

Hey everyone! Welcome to the first video in our interview series, "Talking Climate Justice". For this series, we'll be sharing with you some interesting interviews with people working in different areas of climate justice! The topic for this video is zero waste, and we had the pleasure to interview several inspiring people currently working in zero waste initiatives on Mount Desert Island.

First is Isidora Munoz Segovia, who is a dedicated member of Earth in Brackets and the Campus Committee for Sustainability (CCS) at College of the Atlantic, and additionally serves as one of the Post-Landfill-Action-Network (PLAN) representatives on-campus. Second is Carey Donovan, who is a longtime member of A Climate to Thrive (ACTT), an organization striving for energy independence and sustainable initiatives on Mt. Desert Island, and has focused specifically in the area of zero waste. Last but not least is Gabriella Bzezinski, who co-leads the Zero Waste Club at College of the Atlantic and is passionate about creating a culture of zero-waste practices on-campus.

In part one, we discuss the background, mission, and history of each organization represented here, as well as some inspiring zero-waste initiatives led by our interviewees both at College of the Atlantic and on Mt. Desert Island.

In part two, we discuss the nuances of individual and collective action in addressing waste on a large scale, the accessibility of zero waste in different communities, and also the feasibility and vision of how we can achieve a zero-waste future.

For more information, visit these links. Enjoy!

Zero Waste Club Website:

A Climate to Thrive Website:

The Story of Plastic Website:

Post Landfill Action Network Website:

If you’d like to become involved in the COA Zero Waste Club, please email

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