The color orange is beautiful

by Geena Berry

Orange in action I sometimes get lost in the amount of actions that happen in one day among the youth. There are too many emails, some don’t send emails, they happen during 15 other events, there are 15 other actions going on, etc. Yet, either way I appreciate what seems like random noises echoing down the halls until you realize it is a scant, dance and important message that brings attention to the youth and all of our futures that are at stake.  It’s helpful to draw attention to ourselves and all the other important things we have written, our policies, statements and declarations; these documents give us credit, the actions give us weight. Our weight, drive and pushing the envelope is what makes us so effective.

Orange in number Today is Youth Day at the UNFCCC. My title, The color orange is beautiful, is a reflection on the BRIGHT ORANGE shirts and scarves we are all wearing today (some creative COA kids also have head bands!). Our shirts say “How old will you be in 2050?” and “Don’t bracket our future”. Both messages draw attention to our future, which negotiators won’t be around for. Orange clothing makes us visible. Walking down the halls, sitting in plenary, the orange is everywhere. Most importantly, it is not just the youth that are seen with the color on, it is also the others in the conference center that support us; other NGOs and governments. Government representatives with orange on, it’s a beautiful sight.

#COP15 #UNFCCC #EarthinBrackets #CollegeoftheAtlantic #climatechange

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