The Zero Waste Conference!

In October, Ellie White, Tine Drupa, Isidaora Munoz Segovia and Anna Sheehan traveled with a group of students from COA to Philadelphia to attend the Students For Zero Waste Conference. The annual conference is organised by the Post Landfill Action Network, who invited COA students to facilitate a workshop at the conference as we have recently become the first campus to sign the #BreakFreeFromPlastic Pledge. The pledge works with COA’s policies to commit the campus to remove single-use plastic.

The workshop focused on COA’s Discarded Resources policies and practises. Through the lens of language and mindset changes, the students showcased how COA developed and maintained our Discarded Resources system. This was then used to show how we are hoping to work with the PLAN Pledge and network to create a system of waste management that is more transparent and sustainable.

The workshop was received incredibly well, and both students and staff alike were eager to learn more about COA’s system and how it could be adapted to their campuses. The conference provides a great learning space every year and helps to foster strong relationships within the Zero Waste community across the United States. As a result of the workshop and being the first campus to sign the pledge, representatives from PLAN then came to visit COA to get a closer look at our systems, interview our students and learn from our way of life.

Here you can check out their presentation:

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