Update: Evo Morales to speak at Via Campesina


“Si nosotros mandamos a la basura el Protocol de Kyoto, seriamos responsables de econocidio, ecocidio, y genocidio” “If we toss the Kyoto Protocol in the garbage, we would responsible for econo-cide, ecocide, and genocide” -President Juan Evo Morales Ayma of Bolivia

Just a few minutes ago, a large part of the CoA delegation gathered at Cancun Messe around a live video feed to watch Bolivian President, Juan Evo Morales, make a statement at a plenary in Moon Palace. Though he wasn’t personally invited by the Mexican government, who invites those ministers it feels will be conducive to the negotiations, Morales was still able to speak to an approving audience at the Moon Palace and Cancun Messe.

Later today, President Morales will be speaking at a La Via Campesina event which will be attended by  many of the CoA delegates.

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