What's Happening in the Amazon?

October 10th, a group of students from College of the Atlantic representing the art collective HelaCell and activist group on Climate Justice Earth in Brackets convened to share with the community of Mount Desert Island the story of the Amazon Wildfires from the Bolivian perspective. The event, facilitated by Felipe Fontecilla, hosted Mariana Orias Lopez and Micaela Sueldo who told us what is happening in Amazonia and Chiquitania, two regions of Bolivia currently threatened by wildfires. The students also shared with us what can we, as individuals can do to contribute to the groups most affected by the fires.

Find below the full video of the talk:

Among the things they shared with us, they shared a crowd sourcing campaign organised by folks from Action for Bolivia to which you can donate to the following link:


Make sure you check out the campaign and if you have five minutes and a credit/debit card, you can make a contribution. A dollar triples its values when it crosses the Bolivian border; literally any help counts.

Check out the beautiful pictures taken by Yoi Ashida;

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