What YOU can do NOW!

By Brooke Welty

Found in the Copenhagen metro terminal on Forum Street.

I’d guess that most of you who are reading this blog are not in Copenhagen right now.  At this point no one knows exactly what will come of this conference that is seen to be a monumental point in human history.  A group of global youth came up with a list of 10 steps and tips (in no particular order) that can be used at home regardless of the outcome here.

1. Educate others Talk to people about the issue and motivate them to act. 2. Local Schools Get involved in local schools, educate today’s children to motivate them to take action, let them know about the issues, but also teach them how to create solutions. 3. Speak with your local government (if feasible) about positive steps to be taken regarding energy production, efficiency, supporting local farms etc. 4. Take individual action do what you can personally to address the problem. 5. Create an open space Talking about these issues is very important; by talking we can answer questions we may have, motivate people to join a group or take action; above all, we need to foster relationships to strengthen communities. 6. Start or join a climate action group If individual action can make an impact, a group of motivated individuals, working with other groups of motivated individuals can change the world. 7. Local Issues When discussing climate change, it is important to relate the global issue to a local problem; drought, sea-level rise, forest fires, agricultural impacts etc. 8. Use everyday language Don’t use wonky language that only a few can understand, phrase your thoughts in the everyday vernacular. 9. Media Be sure to involve the media in whatever you do, this can help to pressure a target or simply to motivate more people to join the movement 10. Empower People Motivate people to want to act, make sure people feel that they have the power to create effective change … because we do.

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