Why I shouldn’t date an Annex I guy?

by India Leela Raina from the Adopt A Negotiator project 

To date or not to date and why

To date or not to date and why?

Among the 12 of us tracking the delegations here in Bangkok , I’m really tempted to go out in the evenings after a hard day’s work in the negotiations. I think after running after 60-year-old negotiators from my country I require some youthful energy to enthuse the atmosphere!

From the perspective of a NonAnnex 1 girl ,I feel that it would be literally impossible for me to find love among my team of 12 (keep in mind, there are no non-annex 1 guys) due to the following very STRONG reasons:

1. He is not willing to COMMIT I am thinking Leela, I will think about it, I have loads of domestic responsibilities ( read: girls back home) to undertake said the American Tracker. Whereas all the others supported him ,obviously ,collectively coming to a decision as the European Union , but nevertheless made their individual statements. Instead they all say: Let’s start all over again, let’s try and get to know each other (read: shift baseline from 1990 to 2005) What is keeping you from committing? Is it the reason that you feel I’ll dominate the relationship in the long run? ( read: I’ll develop more than you over the years).

2. He takes more SPACE in the relationship  read:( has a massively higher proportion of pollution than us) and still demands he needs more space! This is so totally NOT FAIR!

3. He refuses to FINANCE dinners Although they have so much more money considering the dollar to baht exchange rate is amazing , they fail to fund my dinners. So I end up paying for myself, but considering that I don’t have the capacity to buy special desserts and exotic cakes, it becomes difficult to try and eat my share! ( read: we can fund local missions like solar but in case we need to scale up activities we require your help!)

4. Hates my mother ( READ: tries to kill the KYOTO PROTOCOL) Does not agree to any principles and conditions my Indian mother puts before him as far as getting back earlier than midnight etc etc and definitely hates my mother for them ! ( read: doesn’t like the conditions imposed and will not ratify them at any cost) .  My mother is the most special and essential part of my life, how can you neglect her like this? ( read: I have signed onto the KP and my commitment period is coming to an end not the protocol!

5. Doesn’t let me use the TV remote or the computer( read: no transfer of technology) I am deprived of using any sort of advanced technologies. Do you think that I don’t know how to use them? I come from India , we literally live with software and know the C to S of computers.

6. Wouldn’t save me If I fall off a cliff / Earthquakes hits us/flash floods take place READ: We are already losing lives and their inaction could push us over the cliff towards run away climate change….. He’s not going to come in a helicopter to save me like a Bollywood movie hero (read: countries are already feeling the effects and they are not reaching out enough with support for adaptation)

7.Doesn’t follow through and is indecisive READ:One second Obama is at the UN high-level summit promising big things and yet here in Bangkok there is little to no action to meet those high remarks. Why do we hear different views all the time?

– Doesn’t share a blanket: Just don’t have any concept of sharing is it?? and then let you wrought outside in the cold at the middle of the night.

8.Possessive and wants daily reports READ : They want measurable , reportable and verifiable nationally appropriate emission reductions. Why do you keep tracking us , when you never has an answer to where you are ? 9. Have such a consumption oriented lifestyle Waste most of their money buying goods that they don’t use! We need to shift to a more sustainable lifestyle.

10. Would not make a good father Read: clearly doesn’t care about protecting the environment for future generations and has no concept of making a better world in general. So what say guys , are you willing to change or not?

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