Youth Delegation prepares for United Nations Climate Conference in Nairobi, Kenya

-by Juan Soriano

Seventy-five youth from around the world are preparing to make the case for a carbon-neutral future at the upcoming meeting United Nations Climate Change Conference. The 12th session of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP12) and the 2nd meeting of the Kyoto Protocol (MOP2) will convene from November 6th, to November 17th (at UNEP headquarters) in Nairobi, Kenya. COP12 will revise the implementation of the Kyoto Protocol, and will focus on addressing issues of adaptation to climate change in vulnerable areas of the world, amongst other topics.

Youth participation in key decision-making processes is vital to include the interests of their generation and future generations, who ultimately inherit the consequences of any decision reached. COP12 will be preceded by an International Conference of Youth (COY) aimed at strengthening the youth presence at the Climate Negotiations and developing youth capacity in the fields of environmental conservation and sustainable development. This meeting shall also see the launch of the African Youth Coalition on Climate Change (AYICC), an initiative engineered by African youth to expand existing networks on Climate Change action. The coalition will connect African youth organizations and international youth oriented organizations working on climate change issues to coordinate efforts and share resources.

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